Please don’t “sell out” Memorial Day

Many will “celebrate” Memorial Day as any other holiday, with barbecues, beer, and commercial sales at local malls. Simply put, they have sold out Memorial Day.

This weekend, please visit a local cemetery, find a marker for any veteran, and reflect on their service to this great nation.

“Your silent tents of green
We deck with fragrant flowers;
Yours has the suffering been,
The memory shall be ours.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Closeup of an American flag with the word "Merci" written on it, in front of a white marble cross headstone in the Normandy, France military cemetery. Many other white cross headstones are visible in the blurred background.

Fixing Samsung Galaxy S3 after Android 4.4.2 upgrade

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Virgin Mobile. I updated to Android 4.4.2 yesterday. This afternoon, the LTE network did not work. Symptoms were that the network showed as “Samsung” instead of “Virgin Mobile.” Reboots of the phone, and pulling the battery out/waiting/reinstalling the battery did not work.

I found some postings online which suggested that a manual PRL Update followed by a Profile Update would fix the problem, but it did not.

The cure seems to be a phone restart, then enter ##72786# and wait while the phone does some background updates and automatic reboots. Eventually, on the 3rd reboot, the annoying Virgin Mobile “rave dance” wallpaper/music played and my phone connection appears to be working properly (shows that it’s connected to “Virgin Mobile” network now).

Update June 20, 2014: After doing the above fix, I lost 4G (LTE/CDMA) connection, and could only connect via CDMA. Doing a Profile update, then a PRL update, then another Profile update seems to have restored the LTE/CDMA.

In addition, the 4.4.2 Android update seems to have brought Bluetooth tethering ability to the phone! More investigation of this to come…

Removing Mailman list members with invalid addresses

If you have a list member with an invalid address (I ended up with one that had 2 concatenated addresses, yielding 2 @ characters which the default parser apparently does not like), the regular bin/remove_members script won’t work. You can use this trick though:

cd /path/to/mailman
bin/withlist -l listname
>>> m.removeMember('')
>>> m.Save()
>>> ^D

See the Mailman wiki for more details and other things to try if even this step doesn’t work.

vim replace with newline

Just a quick vi/vim tip that I’d never had to do before now.

Scenario: a file with multiple lines, each terminated with a semicolon, that needed to be broken out into separate lines for easier reading.


In vim, use \r in the search-and-replace command to indicate a new line: