Bruce Timberlake

Email: bruce.timberlake@gmail.com


Innovative, solutions-driven UNIX/Linux Network Administrator, Web Application Developer and Sales/Systems Engineer with over 20 years experience supporting secure, high-availability LAN/WAN infrastructures. Solid expertise in managing full lifecycle IT projects, building and maintaining client/server networks and web/email services, and providing comprehensive pre/post-sales technical support.

  • Exceptional relationship builder with a talent for forging solid, lasting relationships with management, technical staff, clients and end users.
  • Able negotiator, successfully presenting complex project and investment plans to C-level decision makers and achieving buy-in.
  • Active player in customer sales presentations, effectively showcasing technology to help close important sales deals.


Database SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, ODBC, BerkeleyDB
Hardware Intel, AMD, SPARC, HP iPAQ, Sharp Zaurus, Network and Server Appliances (Sun Cobalt Specialist)
Operating Systems Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, AIX, Windows, DOS
Unix Administration Bash/csh Scripting, RPM, gzip, awk, sed, tar, FTP
Development Subversion, Mantis, Perl, Python, XML/XUL, CVS, Request Tracker
Mail Exim, sendmail, qmail, SMTP, POP, IMAP, Mailman, procmail, ASSP, SpamAssassin/MailScanner
Security SSH, SSL, GnuPG/PGP, Firewalls, VPN, Antivirus
Misc Network DHCP, DNS, Samba, NTP, rsync, WiFi/802.11x
Desktop Apps StarOffice/OpenOffice.org, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Photoshop, Kayako eSupport, ModernBill, eGroupware


A2 Hosting
Linux System Administrator
05/2007 - Present
6 months
Level 3 System Administrator for a leading technically-focused web hosting company.
  • Telephone and ticket support for customer's advanced technical issues
  • Training and supervision of junior administrators
  • Rack and provision new servers in the data center
  • Develop infrastructure scripts and procedures for process automation
  • Moderate public support forums, knowledgebase and wiki
  • Create OpenVZ VPS templates
Environment:CentOS, Apache, PHP, Ruby/Rails, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, cPanel/WHM, ASSP, SpamAssassin/MailScanner, SSH, BIND, Shell Scripting (Perl, bash), HyperVM/OpenVZ, cfengine, Kayako eSupport, ModernBill

Independent Technology Consultant 04/2004 - Present
3 years 1 month
Based in mid-Michigan (Chelsea, Ann Arbor), deliver a wide range of web application development (PHP/MySQL), web hosting, Perl development, shell scripting and Linux network and systems administration services for companies including: National Federation of the Blind, XETV Fox 6 San Diego, Pets911.org, and The Inner Bailey Leathersmith.
  • Perform infrastructure security audits and implement patches
  • Train users in LAMP server setup (see http://lamphowto.com)
Major project: XETV Fox 6 San Diego
  • Designed, coded and deployed a LAMP-based viewer loyalty application/game with complete CMS administrative "back end." 80K+ players use the application.
Environment: Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, qmail, CVS, BIND, SSH, Mailman, Shell Scripting (Perl, bash), Python

Defywire, Inc.
Senior Systems Engineer
03/2003 - 04/2004
1 year 2 months
Major Clients: GE Access, Corporate Express, SAIC, ChevronTexaco
Provided pre-sales technical support for 5 national account executives selling Java-based software to link handheld mobile devices to Windows and UNIX-based network back-ends (Oracle, Exchange, CRM). As sole sales engineer, conducted customer presentations (administrators to C-level executives), product demonstrations, trade show demos, training, responded to RFPs and provided technical product expertise to add value to the selling/closing process. Heavy national travel.
  • Installed proof-of-concept systems and trained/supported end-users.
  • Managed full lifecycle implementation projects.
  • Built Java applications from customer specifications, and set up/loaded software on pilot test servers.
Key Accomplishments:
  • Successfully solved complex technical problems that had defied earlier attempts at resolution.
  • Only engineer with UNIX experience, performed all Linux and Solaris system troubleshooting and QA. Built the first install program for Linux and Solaris.
Environment: Red Hat Linux, Solaris, Windows XP/2000, Java, 802.11 Wireless Networking, Oracle, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Shell Scripting (Perl/bash)

Consulting Projects
Independent Systems Consultant
11/2002 - 03/2003
5 months
Delivered a wide range of Perl development, shell scripting and Sun/UNIX/Linux network and systems administration services for companies including Pacific Analytical, Inc., Qubux, and ComTel Hawaii.
  • Set up Linux-based Web servers and email servers, conducted security audits, upgraded software and installed patches.
  • Produced instruction manuals/procedures for various Linux-based software and systems.
Environment: Linux, Sun Cobalt, Apache, Sendmail, qmail, BIND, SSH, Mailman, Shell Scripting (Perl, bash), Python

Sun Microsystems/Cobalt Networks
Systems Engineer
03/2000 - 11/2002
2 years 9 months
Major Clients: Yahoo!, Disney, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and many smaller ISPs and customers in the Southwest
Provided Linux and UNIX technical expertise supporting regional server pre/post-sales initiatives and national accounts with no internal Linux resources. Mentored other SEs on Linux technology. Heavy national travel.
  • Produced and presented product presentations, demos and training for potential customers.
  • Collaborated with customer technical resources in security issues, product customization, integration planning and support efforts.
  • Moderated public support forum for all Sun Cobalt products.
  • Sole administrator of the public mailing lists for the Cobalt products, responding to user questions and providing How-To documents that fell outside the normal range of Sun support.
Key Accomplishments:
  • As on-site Cobalt rep for Yahoo!, successfully completed 30 server software upgrades in one week, minimizing downtime.
  • Achieved 125% of $450K quota for the 3rd and 4th quarters, Y2K.
  • Received special recognition for organizing and conducting region-wide training of nearly 100 engineers and sales executives in 2 months.
  • Survived multiple layoffs as SE staff downsized from 10 to 3.
Environment: Red Hat Linux, Solaris, Apache, Sendmail, BIND, DHCP, FTP, SSH, Firewall software (ipchains/iptables), StarOffice Writer, Calc, Impress (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Systems/Network Administrator
10/1997 - 02/2000
2 years 5 months
Effectively administered UNIX, Linux and AIX server environment (hardware, OS and software). Implemented and supported a 40-node Windows/Linux/Mac LAN and maintained a 10-store nationwide POS system for this $5 million clothing manufacturer. Supervised 2 COBOL programmers and 1 system operator.
  • Coordinated departmental programming requests, managed all IT spending and controlled a $50,000 annual budget.
  • Led the desktop migration from Windows to Linux.
Key Accomplishments:
  • Planned and built an entire enterprise network, taking company out of paper-based systems environment and dramatically increasing productivity across all departments.
  • Constructed a Linux-powered e-commerce Website, fully integrated with a legacy catalog order system, generating an additional $10K per week to the company's income.
Environment: IBM RS/6000 with AIX 4.3.2, Red Hat and Debian Linux, Windows NT/98/95, Apache, qmail, Word, Excel

United States Navy
Gas Turbine Systems Technician/
Petty Officer First Class
05/1991 - 04/1997
6 years
Key Accomplishment:
  • Honorably discharged. Awarded the Good Conduct Medal and 3 Navy Achievement Medals.
Environment: Windows 95/3.11, Excel, Word, Access

Bloom-Baker Life Insurance
Novell Network Administrator
11/1989 - 03/1991
1 year 5 months

Tufts University
Computer Lab Helpdesk Specialist
10/1987 - 01/1990
2 years 4 months


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)


Completed Business Management 2309, Program for Afloat College Education.
Military training included leadership, management and quality assurance.


University of Phoenix
B.S., Information Technology